Got a new digital camera for Xmas so here are some Pics of my tower and antenna's
I also included some pics of Jason's tower and antenna's (Dad's hand-me-downs)
70' Rohn 20 tower with a Hazer model 3 and a 16' mast pipe. A Hy-Gain CD45 rotor.
Antenna's consist of a Diamond V2000A Tri-Band vertical 2m,6m,440
The tip of the vertical is right at about 80'
Cushcraft A627013S Tri-band Beam 5 element 2m, 5 element 70cm and a 3 element 6m
and a G5RV configured as a inverted V.
Also you can see the anemometer for my weather station, the self tipping bucket for my rain gauge
is mounted on Jason's tower.
The small black box is a Ameritron RCS-8V remote 5 position coax switch which is fed by 9913 coax.
This switches my beam, vertical, and my G5RV, then I have a separate run of 9913 feeding the 6m beam.
My radio is a Icom 706MKIIg
There was a lot of Patty's blood, Mike's sweat, and Jason's tears that went into this project.
I had no idea how BIG a project this was going to be when I started, it took several several months
to totally complete it but I guess I am now getting to reap my awards for all the hard work.
Many thanks go out to all that helped with our project either physically or by sharing your knowledge.
Ham radio has been such a great experience for Jason and I, and we have made so many new friends
through our new hobby.