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Tri band Handheld Transceiver

Yaesu, the world leader in amateur radio is pleased to announce the world's smallest durable tri band handheld transceiver on
earth the "new" VX-5R.

The VX-5R is a miniature tri band FM transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage, providing leading-edge features
for 2M, 440MHz and 50MHz amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability.

The VX-5R's super thin profile and durable lightweight design allows you to take it anywhere- hiking, skiing, or while walking
around town, and its operation flexibility brings the user many avenues of operating enjoyment. Besides the 50, 144, and 430
MHz transmit operation, the VX-5R provides receive coverage of the AM and FM broadcast bands, HF short-wave bands up
to 16 MHz, VHF and UHF TV bands, the VHF AM aircraft band, and a wide range of commercial and public safety
frequencies! With its unique optional Barometer pressure sensor unit provides readout of barometric pressure and altitude while
mountain climbing and hiking.

The transmitter section provides 5 watts of clean power output on the 50 MHz and 144 MHz bands with the supplied
FNB-58LI high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack, 7.2V @ 1100 mAh and 4.5 watts output on 430 MHz. When 13.8 V DC
power is supplied from external source, power output is 5 watts on all bands.

With its high-tech design and revolutionary features, the new VX-5R is truly the only radio in its class that can do it all! The new
VX-5R will continue to distinguish Yaesu as the world leader in amateur radio products.

Frequency Coverage
Wide Band Receive
RX: 0.5-15.995 MHz, 48-728.990 MHz
800-998.990 MHz (Cellular Blocked)
TX: 50-54 MHz, 144-148 MHz, 430-450 MHz
5 W Power Output (430MHz: 4.5 W)
220 Memory Channels plus Home Channels
Ten Auto-Scan Weather Channels (North American Version)
MIL-STD 810 Rating
Aluminum Diecast Case
AM Aircraft Receive
AM Broadcast
FM Broadcast
CTCSS Encode/Decode, Digital Coded Squelch (DCS)
Backlit Keypad
Auto Range Transponder System (ARTS‘)
8 Character Alpha Numeric Display
Time Out Timer (TOT)
Dual Watch
Dot Matrix LCD
Smart Search
Spectrum Analyzer
Temperature Display Read-Out
Barometric Pressure Sensor (Optional SU-1 Unit)
Automatic Power-Off (APO)
ADMS-1E Windows‘ PC Programmable (Optional)
High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery 7.2V @ 1100mAh (Supplied)
Super Thin Profile/Lightweight Design
16-Digit 9-Memory DTMF Autodialer
Busy Channel Lock Out (BCLO)
Innovative Multi-Section Antenna
And Much More!